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We love making the best Crab Pie Queen product in Baltimore, Maryland for you!


Sophia Pope

Crab Pie Queen

Former Photographer & Video Artist, after stroke and congestive heart failure, I decided to make extra money with my favorite dish. Crab Meat! Then the birth of Crab Pie Queen!

JayLynn Pope

Crab Pie Mini Queen

As the Mini Queen, JayLynn is her mother's right hand literally! She holds the secret to the Queen's Crab Pie! She's taking it to her grave so don't try it! She is in her Senior year in College!  She's majoring in Occupational Therapy!

Jay Pope


Media PR-Director/Support

Mr. Pope is responsible for all things media/PR & Support in the DMV. Please contact him for all things Crab Pie Queen media/booking.


Our Inspirational Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries about Sophia and her family's challenge before and after

Stroke and Congestive Heart Failure recovery. Educational

Sophia Before Stroke

May 13, 2019

I was always a ball of energy. Before Crab Pie Queen I was a Video Artist and Photographer. We've shot many special events for personal and business clients alike. The perks with this profession was always a plus! The most fulfilling thing to me was the joy on my clients faces after viewing their completed project. Priceless! Even though We're not providing this service anymore our Facebook Business Page and YouTub Channel is still up for you to view what Sophia's previous passion was. We took our website down but you can view some of our work on the two platforms below.

Facebook: Xdvpros Video Artist & Photography, LLC

YouYube: XDVPROsVideoArtist

Sophia on Weight Loss

I believe we can eat what we like. We should not over indulge. That's when we invite sickness and conditions that complicate our lives. I loss weight and still suffered a stroke! We must be on top of our health. We must educate ourselves on health and wealth. I had no idea my heart was failing.. Explore

The Importance of Faith

My faith in God has kept me strong and positive. Healthy relationships filled with love and faith in God surrounding me was key. When the doctors told my husband they did not know what to do I asked God in the name of Jesus to show them how to take  care of me and He did just that! I'm still here!!!

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