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First Bite

Join our community by sharing your 1st Bite. Listen to what our customers think about Crab Pie Queen. They post their own videos and tag us in them! How cool is that? Your review is our best Word-of-Mouth promotion for our Crabmeat Lover's Dream Pie!

Subscribe, FollowHashtag #CrabPieQueen and please share. Thank you!

~ Customer 1st Bite Reviews~


Mother and Daughter Share CPQ

"It's So Goooood!"

Crab Pie Queen is humbled at the response of all

of our customer reviews.

We appreciate you always!

Our first customer review! THANK YOU NARDO!

Barber Shop 1st Bite Reviews


Uncle Thomas Freeman's 100th Birthday Request..


Crab Pie Queen Shipped To Indianapolis, Indiana!

Mr. Wayne Winfield has longed for our Crab Pie since he first saw it in early 2o19. We promised him that when we started shipping he would be the first to get a pie shipped. This is his responsa!


We Drove 2 Hours For Our Crab Pie! Part 1


We Drove 2 Hours For Our Crab Pie! Part 2


Crab Pie Queen Review-

"You Did That!"

9" Deep Dish Junbo Jump

Crab Pie Fit For The

Birthday King!


When You Really Don't Want To Share..

Every business owner love happy customers!


She was not ready for all that Crabby overload!

Crab Pie Queen Customer said get yourself one!


Yummy Review!

Crab Pie Queen Customer said get yourself one!


Crab Pie Queen Review - Joshua Davis

Thanks for the funny/honest review!

Crab Pie Queen Review "Birthday Gift For Craig

First timer Craig was blown away by the taste! Thank you Craig! Happy Birthday!


Crab Pie Queen Review

"Mr. & Mrs. John "Comedy You Can Feel" Thompson"!

Mr. Thompson DOES NOT eat Crabs! Very Funny!!!


Ms. Ronnie's Crab Pie Queen Testimonial!

Thank you Ms. Ronnie for your love and support!

You are greatly appreciated!

These Mini's would Be Great For My Next Event!

Crab Pie Mini's are a great addition to any event menu!


Rick A. Pringle Crab Pie Queen Review

Thank you for the love shown in your review!

Happy Birthday & we really appreciate it!


Crab Pie Queen Testimonial

They will travel for this Crab Pie!!! Thanks guys!!!


Crab Pie Queen Tip Review With Coach Smitty

Order Crab Pie Queen for a date day or night.

Perfect for birthday, anniversary, holiday, office party,

employee appreciation or any celebration where crab is appropriate!

Crab Pie Queen Review with Vanessa of

Dahj​ay Renee


To control the volume on each video Click the music note on the bottom right of each video.


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