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Know What Makes Us Tick? Family

How It All Began

After running a photography and video production business with her husband for more than 13 years, company owner Sophia Pope had a stroke and congestive heart failure in June 2018. Owing to that, she could no longer do what she loved.


Sophia wanted to help her husband with the family’s finances. She loved to cook and thought about what she could cook and sell. That’s when the business idea for CRAB PIE QUEEN came about. 


Thanks to the support of the locals in Greenbelt, MD and now relocating to Baltimore, MD, CRAB PIE QUEEN is now a full-blown business in Baltimore, MD. To top it all, Sophia’s specialty has become every

crab lover’s dream pie to all who taste it!

View Crab Pie Queen's Story.

To pre-order please call CPQ at 240-508-9366

Request your order on the "Home" page after speaking with Sophia. Purchase your order on the "Shop" page

We appreciate your

thoughts and prayers toward Sophia's recovery and

Crab Pie Queen's success.

View Crab Pie Queen's Story #2

We are so grateful to "Hanging With Your Girl Tasha"

for seeing the need to share our story. Thank you!!!

We appreciate our Customers/Supporters!


Sophia Pope’s Story

“Crab Pie Queen was birthed out of the affliction of stroke and congestive heart failure. After the stroke in June 2018, I was left with no movement on my right side. It was very devastating for me and my family.


“I used to be a very active photographer and video artist but after the stroke, what was I to do? To make this short and sweet but clear, I never thought I would be cooking for a living!


“One day I made a crab dish at home for dinner in 2018 and my family loved it! This and after viewing a movie called “Mortgage Apple Cake”, I thought about starting a business.


“The movie I saw was a true story about a woman who wanted to avoid losing her home to foreclosure. A single mother,

Angela Logan (Kimberly Elise) tries to bake and sell 100 apple cakes in 10 days.


“Since I could no longer provide services for my previous business XDVPROS Video Artist and Photography, I was inspired to cook something great and sell it to make money to help out at home.


“Crab is a big deal in Maryland! I feel like I have struck gold! Before starting Crab Pie Queen on February 4,2019, I was in the intensive care unit at the John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore!


“The report was that I might not make it, but I'm still here! Thank you for supporting CRAB PIE QUEEN.  We promise to keep providing the best Jumbo Lump Crab Pie in Baltimore, MD and DC area!”

Our Mission

We promise to provide the most DELICIOUS and MEATY

Deep-Dish Jumbo Lump Crab Pie you'll ever have with NO FILLER!


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